Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Guest Post from Zauberbear!

I'm super busy with moving house (finally, hoorah!) and getting ready for Christmas fairs, so I roped in Carly and her magical bear Silkworm from Zauberbear to write a guest blog post! Zauberbear is currently my favourite blog, it's enchanting and whimsical and I love that there are other people out there who think the same as me! It's also fairly new so get on over and check it out! - Lauren x

Silkworm and I are all about twisting the traditional ways of doing things, like playing games or eating your food. That being said, let us show you how to play checkers using stuffed animals as game pieces!

Set up a bed sheet on the ground to act as your game board. Start with it folded in half, though you'll probably have to adjust the shape later.  Next, find some paper differently colored than your sheet and cut out squares big enough to fit your stuffed animals on. You can cut out 32 pieces if you have enough paper and stuffed animals to make a full game board, or you can skimp on a few squares and make a smaller game board (however, if you make a smaller board, there will be less room for strategy). Position the squares on the sheet so that only their corners touch, like a checkerboard. Once they're set up, fold the unused edges of the sheet under.

Now, gather an even number of stuffed animals. Split them up into two teams and find a way to distinguish between them. We cut out fabric capes for our teams. Lastly, arrange the teams on your checkerboard as if you were arranging the classic circular game pieces, and you're ready to play! Of course, if you don't have a magical living stuffed bear, you'll have to find somebody to play with you, but it shouldn't be too hard to convince people.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Milky Moon Christmas Giveaway! - NOW CLOSED

To say a massive thankyou to everyone who has supported my little shop over the past month and a half I'm doing a Christmas giveaway! The winner (randomly selected) will win....

1 x Badger card
1 x Hare card
1 x JOY bird (with pin and hairclip back)
1 x Mushroom brooch (not yet in stock! You're getting a totally new item!)
1 x "Drink Tea" plastic brooch (I only sell these at craft fairs so this is an exclusive item!)

On top of that you'll get a handwritten and illustrated thankyou note with a voucher for 20% off in store!
That's a prize package with a value of  around £20!

To enter, all you have to do is follow the rafflecopter instructions.Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Little Sunday Style

It's the first of December, the leaves are off the trees, and the sky is grey. It's winter.

On the plus side it's now cold enough to wear the cape I made, it was super easy to make and looks pretty impressive (I think). I recently added some faux fur trim to the collar and pockets for extra snuggliness. The dress I'm wearing is 100% my favourite dress I own. It's Gunne Sax and it fits like a dream! My sisters mock me for having an "old fashioned" taste in clothing, but I just feel it's so beautiful. This outfit also totally makes me want to go and swoosh around in the woods, making friends with squirrels and drinking tea.

Posting is going to be pretty erratic this week, I'm getting ready to move house next weekend and I have a lot of shop stuff to sort out, so bear with me!

mori girl, mori kei, gunne sax
mori girl, mori kei, gunne sax

Cape: Handmade by me
Scarves: Gifted
Cardigan: Gifted
Shirt: Gifted
Dress: Gunne Sax (second hand)
Tights & Socks: Unknown

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I Made A New Friend

 I found this little guy in my bedroom, so before I popped open the window to let him out we had a little photoshoot. It was the most gorgeous thing, if anyone knows the species please let me know!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I Wrote A Book!

I finally got around to turning one of my dissertation collections into a book! It's entitled "Through The Trees" and is a chapbook of poetry inspired by nature. Poems in the collection focus on themes such as childhood, family, love and fear, all through nature.

It's self published and you can buy a copy here or buy a PDF version from my shop. To find out more about my writing check out my website.

Since it's Sunday, as a little preview you can read Part 1 of the poem "Rainy Sunday".

Part 1
Rainy Sunday

She pads, silent, through the Sunday,
in the space where she carved out a home.
She wraps awkward limbs around herself;
dressed in a faded shirt and wonkily stitched slippers.
Notes that: out in the cold that bites at ear lobes,
squirrels scurry with their secrets, as they so often do.
The kettle rouses. It paints mist onto windowpanes,
as she drags idle fingers into clumsy pictures.